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High Rises Redefining Austin's Skyline

July 3, 2018
Since its founding in 1838, Austin has been a hotbed for innovation and creativity – a legacy that continues to this day. With a long history of building things bigger and better than ever before, it’s no surprise that new high rises frequently pop up throughout the city, redefining Austin’s skyline. According…
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Awesome Administration with Chloe Laird

April 25, 2018
Team talent!
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Successful Water Systems

March 26, 2018
Southwest Engineers has been proudly working with County Line Special Utility District (CLSUD) for almost forty years. At first the Uhland and Niederwald area had little to no ground water, which meant there were no wells available to residents. After the mid-50's drought it became clear that it was necessary to seek water from other sources. In 1965 a water supply corporation…
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Drafting Dedication, Mary McNabb

January 15, 2018
The original Southwest Engineers office was essentially just a tiny room. Multiple people were working on different parts of the engineering process alongside a light table and blue line machine. Back then all drafting was done by hand and all surveying was done in-house.
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From Coincidence to Culture, Martha Hull

January 12, 2018
Sometimes things happen by accident or mere coincidence. Almost 38 years ago when Martha Hull attended a job interview, she was surprised when told she was actually better suited for an administrative position at the engineering firm upstairs. Martha was recommended to Southwest Engineers and one staircase later she had joined our team.
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Update from Southwest Engineers Summer 2017 Scholarship Winner

December 6, 2017
We share an update from this year's Southwest Engineers Scholarship Winner and Texas A&M engineering student Gabbie Rico.
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Thank you for helping!

November 30, 2017
Feeling thankful and proud to announce that two weeks ago we set out to support a community near and dear to our heart. In that time, many kind people from Texas and all over the United States stepped up to raise over two million dollars for the relief cause. We were fortunate to reach our own network and add to the recovery…
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Southwest Engineers Stands with Sutherland Springs

November 10, 2017
Please visit our campaign and share this link to participate in the relief effort. Thank you for your cooperation. Together we can make a difference for this community in need.
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Chatting with Clarence Littlefield:

October 13, 2017
From a partnership to a thriving business, Clarence Littlefield and Jim Wundt set Southwest Engineers up after leaving National Engineering in Gonzales. The two friends ventured into what has now become a thriving and reliable organization, now owned and led by Clarence’s own son, John Littlefield. When speaking with Clarence, it’s easy to tell how proud he is…
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SWE Central Texas office welcomes newest intern Powell Hinson

July 6, 2017
Currently, a Junior at The University of Colorado at Boulder, Powell is majoring in Environmental Engineering. Some of his favorite classes include sustainable practices for engineers, and fluid mechanics, which he mentions is a fun way to learn about the physical properties of water, an area he is highly interested in. It was no surprise that Powell would come intern with us, since he…
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