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Southwest Engineers is a civil engineering team leading in the design of land development projects across Central Texas.

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Through thorough research and analysis of soil, water and sewer solutions, our firm’s due diligence process accelerates project development and minimizes risk. For the past 30 years, Southwest Engineers has bridged the gap between entitlement and development for residential, commercial and other site development projects throughout the state.

Southwest Engineers has decades of experience including rehabilitation of existing streets, design of new thoroughfares, drainage channels and storm sewer design. Having worked with municipal, county and private streets, Southwest Engineers understands the complexities of Regulatory Agency Violation/Enforcement Assistance for Phase 1 environmental assessments, engineering studies, municipal comprehensive planning to community park design and private developer plan review and also provides expert witness testimony. Team experience also includes developing ADA compliance permitting and design in addition to understanding regulatory programs controlling discharges of pollutants to surface waters such as Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) for developing compliant storm water pollution protection plans.

This project involved a 3,000 foot extension of Rattler Road from the new high school site to its intersection with SH123. A portion of the project converted an existing stock tank into a retention pond that received the roadway runoff and routed it through the pond into a larger downstream water quality and detention pond.

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The team at Southwest Engineers is spectacular, absolutely always delivers and I am happy to work with them.

Ron McGuire
McGuire Customs Homes