Yancey Water Supply Corporation

Yancey Water Supply Corporation


Solutions for Growing Pains

Yancey WSC, which is situated just west of the San Antonio in Medina County, has received continuous growth within the eastern portion of its service area due to the rapid growth of San Antonio.

Comprehensive growth solutions from planning to financing to design and construction.

Well and Storage Tank

The growth of San Antonio like all large cities has expanded beyond its borridors.  The northeast portion of the Yancey WSC system has experienced rapid growth over the past 10 years requiring major improvements.  A new well was needed to serve the new residents and elementary school as was additional elevated storage capacity.  Taking into consideration long term growth patterns and system needs, funding solutions were required to provide the best cost alternative for the customers.

Southwest Engineers assisted Yancey in preparing and submitting a funding application to USDA Rural Development to construct the needed system improvements.  The project included a new 1,000 gpm well, a 400,000 gallon elevated storage tank, a maintenance building and a portable generator.  After completing an extensive preliminary engineering report and environmental assessment for the project, Southwest Engineers was able to help Yancey acquire a low interest loan for $3,721,000 that not only funded the proposed improvements but also refinanced $1,400,000 of the water system’s existing loans.

Southwest Engineers is performing construction administration services currently on the multiple projects and the northeast portion of the system should be prepared for continued growth for the foreseeable future.


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