Three Oaks Water Supply Corporation

Three Oaks Water Supply Corporation


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Three Oaks Water Supply Corporation utilizes the Carrizo Aquifer in Williamson County for its source of water for customers.  Due to a higher than average level of iron and manganese content in the aquifer, Three Oaks faced a number of unique challenges including elevated costs from more frequent flushing of the distribution main, the high cost of chlorine needed to sequester the iron, and a higher chance of customer complaints of “dirty or red” water.

To help overcome these issues, Southwest Engineers recommended and designed a new water system that utilizes filtration rather than sequestration. Three gravity filters were designed and constructed to filter the iron and manganese from the raw water prior to being sent out for distribution.

Since installation, the quality of water Three Oaks provides its customers has significantly increased, flushing and chemical costs have reduced dramatically, and customer complaints of “dirty or red” water have all but disappeared.  Also, the operator who had never been able to see the bottom of the onsite storage tank before is now able to stand at the top and see through the clear, filtered water.

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