Markham Municipal Utility District (MMUD)

Markham Municipal Utility District (MMUD)

Long Term Partners

Projects can range in scope from a few months to decades long depending on the scope. Southwest Engineers deep expertise and dedication to our clients’ needs make us a favorite to lean on during long term products.

Southwest Engineers identified three viable funding options for the
Markham Municipal Utility District (MMUD). Once MMUD selected the
option that best met their needs our team prepared and submitted
the application package.

Ongoing Support for Over 20 Years

Southwest Engineers helped the Markham Municipal Utility District (MMUD) set up and monitor their wastewater system upgrade program, which primarily consisted of, as funds became available, the continued replacement of all the original vitrified clay pipe (VCP) gravity wastewater main lines throughout the District (a total of approximately 85,000 linear feet).

Recently, the District was ready to complete the final 20,000 linear feet, but did not know where to go to get some much-needed financial assistance. Our team quickly identified the following projects that had their very own funding sources and we consulted with MMUD team to identify the best opportunity.

1. Due to the funding limit, a smaller (reduced in size) wastewater project funded by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture – Office of Rural Affairs (TDA-ORA)

2. The full 20,000 linear foot wastewater project funded by the Water and Environmental (WEP) Program, administer by Rural Development (RD) of the Rural Utilities System (RUS) under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA); AND

3. Due to affordability, a smaller (reduced in size) wastewater project funded by the Water Development Fund (D-Fund) program, administered by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB).

The MMUD finally determined the D-Fund program would be the most affordable for the MMUD. Our team then assisted the MMUD with preparing and submitting a financial assistance application package to TWDB. They are now on tap to complete the project this year, which will enable them to realize a lot lower future maintenance costs.

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