City of Cumby

City of Cumby


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Need help funding water infrastructure development? A core competency at Southwest Engineers focuses on navigating the complexities of funding development and maintenance projects for our clients.

Secured over $600,000 in funding for water and wastewater line replacement
   for the City of Cumby, Texas

Water and Wastewater Line Replacement

Cumby is a small town in Northeast Texas.  The main street through town is maintained by TxDOT and desperately in need of extensive repairs.  Over a decade of discussing the need for replacing the water and wastewater lines under the roadway had led to nothing due to a lack of funding.

Southwest Engineers assisted Cumby in obtaining funding through the TWDB to replace the failing lines and relocating them to easements adjacent to the road.  This improvement allows for the complete reconstruction and widening of the roadway by TxDOT.

The assistance in obtaining funds for the project eliminated a major maintenance problem for the City as well as providing improved fire fighting capabilities for this portion of town.  The project began construction in early 2013.

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