Public Sector

Our focus is assisting Texas communities with their water distribution, water treatment, wastewater treatment, wastewater collection, streets and drainage engineering needs, as well as working with land development clients throughout the state whether it be for residential, commercial, or other site development projects.

Over thirty years ago we opened our doors with a commitment that we still follow: Provide Texas with the highest quality professional engineering services.

Potable Water Supply Treatment and Distribution:

• New Well Analysis and Design
• Well Permitting
• Existing Well Inspection and Rehabilitation
• Surface Water Intake Structures
• Water Treatment Through the Addition of Chemicals
– Chlorine
– Polyphosphate
• Water Treatment with Reverse Osmosis Membrane
• Water Treatment with Package Treatment Units
• Water Treatment with Constituent Removal
– Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) & Radio-nuclide Removal
• Booster & High Service Pump Stations
• Ground & Elevated Storage Tanks
• Hydropneumatic/Pressure Tanks
• Transmission & Distribution Mains
• Hydraulic Modeling
• System Facilities Capacity Analysis
• Non-Standard Service Agreement

Wastewater Collection and Treatment:

• Gravity & Pressure Collection Systems
• Small Diameter, Variable Grade Collection Systems
• Force Mains
• Lift Stations
• Treatment Facilities from Pond Systems to Mechanical Plants
• Odor Abatement
• System Facilities Capacity Analysis


• Wastewater Discharge
• Land Application

Roadway Design and Rehabilitation:

• Municipal, County & Private Streets – with no curb, curb only or curb and gutter

Storm Water Management:

• Stormwater Collection System Design
• Culvert Design
• Channel Design
• Erosion Control Design
• Drainage System Studies


• ADA Compliance Permitting and Design
• TPDES (Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan)

Other Services:

• Regulatory Agency Violation/Enforcement Assistance
• Phase 1 Environmental Assessments
• Engineering Studies
• Municipal Comprehensive Planning
• Expert Witness Testimony
• Community Park Design
• Private Developer Plan Review