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Land Projects

Leaning Pear Restaurant

Southwest Engineers developed options on bringing wastewater service to the commercial property and then assisted in the planning, design and construction administration of wastewater service. The offsite wastewater line and lift station were constructed and the site was also made to include a driveway and a parking lot.

Nutty Brown Business Park

The 8 acre proposed development consists of seven buildings for retail, warehousing, and commercial use. Southwest Engineers prepared the Civil Site Development Plans for permitting to the City of Austin, which include erosion and sedimentation controls, grading plan, and drainage structures. The existing slopes were very steep and the grading plan had to be designed to allow for vehicles to safely drive throughout the development and flatten the parking areas as much as possible.

Buda Mill & Grain Co.

A historic piece of Buda, the Buda Mill & Grain Co. has been undergoing renovations for some time now. It is an ongoing commercial project 10 suite spaces on a lot over 25,000 square feet. Southwest Engineers took on infrastructure design including water and wastewater systems, a storm water collection system, associated parking lot and grading, along with water quality treatment design.

The Addison Grove Wedding Venue

The Addison Grove is a brand-new wedding venue that needed a parking lot, a retention irrigation pond and detention pond. Southwest Engineers worked through the strict requirements of developing land in the Barton Springs area, provided a hydraulic analysis of the creek and helped The Addison Grove prepare for business.

Water Projects

Yancey Water Supply Corporation

Due to the rapid growth of San Antonio, the area needed a new water well to serve the incoming residents and elementary school in addition to elevated storage capacity. SWE handled comprehensive growth solutions from planning to financing to design and construction for Yancey WSC.

Three Oaks WSC

Three Oaks Water Supply Corporation utilizes the Carrizo Aquifer in Williamson County for its source of water for customers. With a higher than average level of iron and manganese content in the aquifer, Southwest Engineers worked to help improve existing water quality through the installation of iron and manganese removal filters.

SS Water Supply Corporation

SWE put up a 500,000 gallon ground storage tank in 2009 to replace a 100,000 gallon tank due to increased demand. In 2013 we came back and put in a second tank of the same size for back up, and this year we are working on putting in larger booster pumps. The SS WSC project houses some of the biggest pumps we have ever worked on. Currently we are still offering our engineering, design and construction administration services for the Water System Improvements consisting of Ground Storage Tank and Pumps at the Deer Park Plant.

Public Projects

Kerrville - Mt. Wesley Conference Center

Kerrville’s expansion of its Conference Center resulted in the need to relocate a street and improve drainage to allow for the expansion. Southwest Engineers provided preliminary design, engineering design and construction administration services to complete the project on time and within budget.

Rattler Road Extension

This project involved a 3,000 foot extension of Rattler Road from the new high school site to its intersection with SH123. A portion of the project converted an existing stock tank into a retention pond that received the roadway runoff and routed it through the pond into a larger downstream water quality and detention pond.

City of Stockdale

After floods caused damage to the City’s streets, channels and other facilities in early 2007, the City obtained emergency funding to correct some deficiencies and address the damage. Southwest Engineers assisted in funding acquisition, preliminary and final design, and construction administration on this project. The project involved the addition of ADA compliant sidewalks and ramps to make storefronts more accessible and improvements to city beautification efforts.