San Marcos Premium Outlet Mall

San Marcos Premium Outlet Mall


ADA Expertise

Utilize our expertise in land development regulations and ADA requirements to solve disabled parking issues and accessibility issues.

The San Marcos Premium Outlet Mall was cited by a state ADA inspector for not
meeting minimum standards throughout their site. Southwest Engineers was able
to quickly assess the issues and design improvements to solve the problems.

The San Marcos Premium Outlet Mall was constructed and had been in operation for a number of years including numerous expansions of the site.  Parking lots had all been constructed when it was determined by the state that disabled parking requirements were not being met.

Southwest Engineers completed a survey of the parking lots, provided recommendations and developed a design plan to correct the problems.  The design specifically focused on meeting ADA requirement while also limited disruption to the parking lot and maintaining as many total parking spots as possible.

The Mall has begun the process of reconstructing the various areas and is expected to be complete in 2013.  They will then be in compliance with all ADA parking requirements throughout their site.

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