Leaning Pear Restaurant

Leaning Pear Restaurant


Development Assistance

The owners of the Leaning Pear Restaurant and the land around it in Wimberley wanted to build a new restaurant and develop the site to include shopping and a boutique hotel near the historic downtown.

Southwest Engineers developed options on bringing wastewater service
   to the property and then assisted in the planning, design and construction
   administration of wastewater service.

The Leaning Pear Restaurant site did not have wastewater service to allow for the site to be developed.  The ability to get the easements necessary to bring service from offsite took years to accomplish due to private properties, the Village of Wimberley not having a wastewater system, and a private utility having the nearest service.

Our team used its extensive knowledge of City and TCEQ requirements to provide recommendations and design to the wastewater provider that lead to an official wastewater agreement beneficial to both parties. After the signed agreement, Southwest Engineers was additionally engaged by the client to provide construction documents for a wastewater lift station and restaurant site.

The offsite wastewater line and lift station were constructed and the site development has begun.  Southwest Engineers also provided the design for the site improvements to the new restaurant, hotel and other amenities.  The project is under construction and should be completed before the summer of 2013.


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