Private Sector

Southwest Engineers’ experienced team is dedicated to surpassing customer expectations. Founded in Texas over 30 years ago, our firm has a deep understanding of the permitting, local codes and requirements that can stall large projects. Our due diligence process minimizes risks to accelerate development and avoid unexpected delays and costs. We deliver detailed bid packages, schedules and consistent communication on progress. We take our clients investment as seriously as if it were our own and manage job costs carefully.

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Land Development:

• Commercial Development
– Office
– Industrial
– Retail
– Hotel/Motel
• Residential Development
– Single Family
– Multi-family
– Recreational Vehicle Sites
• Institutional Development
– Private & Public Schools
– Hospitals & Medical Clinics
– Churches
• Master Planning
• Conceptual Plans
• Development Site Assessment
• Preliminary and Final Platting Assistance
• Zoning Assistance
• Best Management Practices Design
• Street and Drainage Design
• Site Plans
• Grading and Drainage Plans
• Water and Waste Water Utility Design
• Water Quality Pond Design
• Community Park Design
• Land Planning
• Engineering Studies or Expert Witness Testimony


• City, County, TXDot and State
• Wastewater Discharge
• Land Application
• Development Permitting Assistance
• ADA Compliance Permitting and Design
• TPDES (Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan)
• Edwards Aquifer Recharge
– Sewer Collection System Planning
– Water Pollution Abatement Plans

Potable Water Supply, Treatment, and Distribution:

• New Well Analysis and Design
• Well Permitting
• Existing Well Inspection and Rehabilitation
• Surface Water Intake Structures
• Water Treatment Through the Addition of Chemicals
– Chlorine
– Polyphosphate
• Water Treatment with Reverse Osmosis Membrane
• Water Treatment with Package Treatment Units
• Water Treatment with Constituent Removal
– Arsenic Removal, Iron, Manganese & Radio-nuclide Removal
• Pump Stations
• Ground & Elevated Storage Tanks
• Hydropneumatic/Pressure Tanks
• Transmission & Distribution Mains
• Hydraulic Modeling

Wastewater Collection and Treatment:

• Gravity & Pressure Collection Systems
• Small Diameter, Variable Grade Collection Systems
• Force Mains
• Lift Stations
• Treatment from Pond Systems to Mechanical Plants
• Odor Abatement

Storm Water Management:

• Flood Plain Modeling
• Hydrology and Hydraulic Modeling/Reports
• FEMA Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR)Permitting
• FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Permitting
• Detention Pond Design
• Stormwater Collection System Design
• Culvert Design
• Channel Design
• Erosion Control Design
• Drainage System Studies

Construction Administration and Inspection:

• Bid and Construction Contract Documents
• Pay Request/Change Order Review
• Project Budgets and Cost Controls
• Project Scheduling
• Site Observation of Construction Progress
• Construction Administration
• Cost Estimates
• Engineering Studies or Expert Witness Testimonies