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From Coincidence to Culture, Martha Hull

Jan 12, 2018

Sometimes things happen by accident or mere coincidence. Almost 38 years ago when Martha Hull attended a job interview, she was surprised when told she was actually better suited for an administrative position at the engineering firm upstairs. Martha was recommended to Southwest Engineers and one staircase later she had joined our team.

She recalls immediately noticing all the longhorn memorabilia that decorated our office and laughs sharing that it made for a humorous first impression since Martha herself came from an Aggie household.

“At the end of the day, we were all a family” she says, adding that she has many fond memories of young Clarence Littlefield as a strong leader in and out of the workplace. Martha describes Clarence as the person who led the workday with contagious energy, and speaks about how his work ethic and big heart influenced the company culture she has enjoyed and been a part of for nearly forty years.

Today we have 29 employees across both office locations. From the time when our team was but four people, to the addition of Martha’s role and eventually Mary McNabb’s drafting position, there has always been a consistent source of hard work and devotion at our company that comes from within. Martha Hull is no exception to that, which is why we value her time and dedication to our organization as well as the fortunate outcome of the interview that sent her our way back in March of 1980.

The richness of our culture comes from the quality of our people and as we look back on everything that’s happened over the last forty years, its important to us that we recognize the value of our team members and share their stories. Martha Hull came to us by coincidence and we have cherished her ever since.

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