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Southwest Engineers Helps Bring New Residential Subdivision to Mustang Ridge

Jun 05, 2020

Southwest Engineers has been chosen to provide both land development services and utility engineering services to a new 637-lot single-family residential subdivision in Mustang Ridge, Texas. Not only will Southwest Engineers be designing all of the typical public infrastructure for the subdivision, including streets, drainage, water distribution, wastewater collection networks, but we will also be responsible for the treatment component of the wastewater system since there is not a centralized wastewater system in this area.

Instead of installing septic systems for each individual home, as has been the standard for this area until now, the subdivision developer has chosen to construct a centralized wastewater treatment facility to serve these new homes. Southwest Engineers is assisting with the permitting and design of this wastewater facility, which is currently under review by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

More information on the permitting of this wastewater facility can be found at the following links:

Permit Application

Revisions to Permit Application

Executive Director's Preliminary Decision

Draft Permit