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Southwest Engineers Launches New Website

Jan 08, 2009

Southwest Engineers proudly had the “Grand Opening” of their new and improved website in January. John Littlefield, president of Southwest Engineers, commented “We have been contemplating for quite a while what direction we should take our website. Obviously one of the main focus’ is to provide quality information about our business, our projects, and our career opportunities, but I feel that we can do more.”

The Southwest Engineers mission statement is to “Provide the highest quality civil and environmental engineering services in a cost effective and timely manner. Communicate constantly with our clients to ensure that their needs are always met. Continually improve our services by ongoing training and education. Always remember that service is the most important aspect of our profession.” In order to provide a service to the people Southwest Engineers does business with, the website needed to be a resource.

“The Resource section of our website is designed to provide quality information to our clients, the contractors we work with, our staff, and whoever else is interested in the civil and environmental engineering needs of rural Texas,” stated Mr. Littlefield. “As of the launch date of our new website, we are providing information on upcoming bids as well as tabulations of bids recently received. We look forward to adding much more to this and other parts of our website including news articles and technical data. The goal of our website is to continue to improve its service level on a daily basis.”